The Just Detect digital team built and trialed a live finds wall during Detectival recently using data from the Just Detect apps.

New finds added to Just Detect tagged with Detectival appear on the finds wall automatically, displayed on the Minelab stage screen (with thanks also to Evenlode Films and Productions).

On the left there are some statistics such as top Just Detect members, top brands and the top metal detectors used at the event based on number of finds.

Dirt Digger Dan took first place with the highest number of finds recorded.

Top Brands

  1. Minelab Metal Detectors
  2. XP Metal Detectors
  3. Garrett Metal Detectors
  4. Nokta Makro Metal Detectors

Top Metal Detectors

  1. Minelab Equinox 800
  2. XP Deus
  3. Garrett Ace 250
  4. Minelab Equinox 600

We're looking forward to developing the finds wall and more features for future metal detecting events.

Interested in a live finds wall for your metal detecting event? Get in touch via